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YLSK-35/40/45 Universal Spring Forming Machine

YLSK-35, 40 & 45 Universal Spring Forming Machine divided into Cam axis, Quill axis & Wire Feeder axis also optional spinner & Free hand device axis, Five axis synchronous operation. Equipped with Taiwan computer control and Japanese imported servo motor.


YLSK-825RW Wire rotation CNC spring machine includes Taiwan computer control system and Japan imported servo motor.
Cam, wire feeding, rotating mandrel, wire rotation, Coiling spinner (optional accessory), five axis synchronous operation. 
Can manufacture various types of torsion spring, tension spring, special shaped springs used in househols appliences, automobile industries and many other applications.


YLSK-840RW CNC Universal spring forming machine includes Taiwan Controller and Japanese servo motors
Divided into Cams, Mandrel (Quill), Wire Rotation, Wire Feed & Coiling device/spinner (Optional) , Five axis synchronous operation. Online programming and debugging is convenient.
Cams are fixed on Eight Slides eight slide, results forward & back-word movement of slides.wire feed accuracy is 0.01mm.

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