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Quality Control


Quality Control

YLSK Company’s customer satisfaction is driven by their stringent Quality Management System which assures the product of the highest standards. We are committed to the manufacture and delivery of high-quality Machines. It is our goal to supply products and services which meet and/or exceed the needs of our customers. This is accomplished through a preventative systems approach toward Quality Assurance. Constant improvement in production process and increase productivity.





Quick Deliveries

Guangdong Yonglian CNC Equipment Tech. Co., Ltd., (YLSK) takes pride in the fact that we offer quick deliveries on all of our orders with quantity capabilities ranging number of machines. Quotes, on the other hand, Inquiries are typically answered within minutes rather than days. For those customers interested in the product with production volume capacities, YLSK Spring Machines offers complete research and development leading up to Machine manufacturing.


Code of Ethics:


Since our inception we have always conducted business with a moral responsibility in tandem with a conscious driven approach. We are truest to our values we nurture and accountable to all our Customers, worldwide Business Partners in maintaining and increasing their wealth.



Some of the ethics that have been administered in our corporate DNA are:



We must abide by the laws, rules, regulations and   YLSK policies that apply to our business practices


It is our responsibility to interact fairly and respectfully with each other, all the Customers, stake holders and the community at large in which we operate

Business Conduct

We must conduct internal and external business, fairly and ethically


We must conduct investigations in ethical, transparent and legal manner and promote consistent disciplinary action whenever required.



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