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What types of common coiling machines are there?

Commonly used coiling machine windings are mostly enameled copper wire (winding inductance coils of electronic and electrical products), enameled aluminum wire, textile wire (yarn and coil for winding textile machines), and winding Heating wires and solder wires, wires, cables, etc. for electric heating appliances.

There are many types of coiling machines, which can be divided into general-purpose and special-purpose types according to their uses; general-purpose type—a coiling machine suitable for a variety of products, as long as the corresponding molds and instructions are replaced, they can be processed for different products. Special type - winding machine for a specific product.

According to the degree of automation, coiling machine can be divided into simple type, semi-automatic type and fully automatic type. Electronic control methods include numerical control microcomputer single-chip microcomputer and IBM computer control. According to the installation method, it is classified into desktop type and floor type machine. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into: automatic winding machine and semi-automatic winding machine.

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