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What is the reason for automatic torsion spring machine to break when processing springs?

       Now the application of spring equipment has been widely improved. Spring is one of the most important basic parts in mechanical products. Automatic torsion spring machine has gradually become the leader in the industry. But sometimes springs also fail, such as deformation, breakage, wear, and slack.

        When the spring is heated to a certain temperature, it will affect its elasticity, and may even cause segregation, which is relatively easy to break. Generally, springs have several fracture modes. The specific forms and reasons are analyzed as follows: Under the combined action with corrosive media, the spring breaks.
Automatic torsion spring machine
        Corrosion fatigue fracture, the spring breaks under the combined action of cyclic load and corrosive medium. Fatigue fracture is a kind of fracture that occurs under the cyclic load of the spring. Hydrogen embrittlement, cadmium embrittlement, and black embrittlement: embrittlement due to excessive impurities in the spring material.

        There is also brittle fracture. Most of the spring fractures belong to this type, so plastic fracture may occur only when the operating temperature is high. In engineering, fatigue fracture, stress corrosion fracture and hydrogen embrittlement fracture are called brittle fracture.

        There is also wear and tear, and the wear is divided into two parts, one is wear abrasive, fatigue and corrosion wear fracture.

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