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What is the function of the wire coil on the compression spring machine?

         During the production and processing of Compression spring machine, it is necessary to continuously and steadily feed the wire. Therefore, the wire tray on the spring compression machine is an important part to achieve such a function. Next, let's learn more about the role of the wire tray on the computer spring compression machine.

         First straighten the direction of the wire. Now some wires have a poor flatness, and the material has a figure-eight trend, which is prone to spin the wire, which affects the processing efficiency. If the wire tray is used, it can effectively prevent the wire from spinning. The line direction can thus make the line lighter and more flexible.
Compression spring machine
         The second is to prevent the wire from jumping. The tension of the wire is not enough when the automatic feeding rack is placed. The wire sways irregularly up and down, left and right, resulting in unstable spring pitch and outer diameter. This will affect the quality of spring processing. And the wire reel can play the role of fixing the wire rod without shaking.

         Although the wire reel is only a small part in the Compression spring machine, it is a computerized spring compression machine that can achieve continuous and stable wire feeding. It is a very good auxiliary automatic device. It can improve the processing efficiency and ensure the processing accuracy of the compression spring machine. And quality.

         At present, Yonglian's compression spring machine equipment needs to pay great attention to the wire reel, using ceramic guide wheels and ceramic guide sleeves, imported miniature bearing jacket ceramic arc grooves, so that the surface of the guide card is smooth and does not damage the wire, and has more resistance Grinding service life!

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