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What factors affect the processing stability of the universal spring machine?

Spring machine is a necessary automation equipment for spring processing enterprises. If the machining process of the spring machine is unstable during operation, it will have a greater impact on the machining quality and production efficiency of the spring. What factors will affect the processing stability of the universal spring machine?

Impact of equipment accessories:

In addition to the main body of the equipment, the universal spring machine is also equipped with important accessories such as wire feed wheels, wire guides, curve gauges, spindles, cutters and auxiliary cutters. These accessories are important parts for realizing spring wire feeding and processing procedures. If the quality of the functional parts of the spring machine is unqualified, or there is wear, breakage or loose installation, it is easy to cause changes in the pitch, inner diameter, outer diameter, length, flatness or angle. Springs, which will cause the wound spring products to change and produce unstable quality deviations.

universal spring machine

Influence of spring wire:

The quality of the wire used to process the spring has an important influence on the stability of the spring processing. Due to the poor quality of the spring steel wire, the steel wire diameter and hardness requirements are not high, even the direction of the wire is not stable, the surface of the steel wire is not uniform, and the unevenness is uneven. These conditions will affect the adjustment of the spring machine. Straightness accuracy and wire feeding accuracy have great interference, and it is difficult to achieve stable processing and production.

Impact of manual operation:

Compared with traditional spring machine equipment, the current computer spring machine, universal spring machine and camless spring machine greatly simplify the operation and debugging of the equipment and lower the threshold for operators. However, the operator is always an important link between the spring and the spring machine. Any wrong operation will affect the operation of the equipment. The operator must adjust the equipment according to the actual wire and processing conditions to ensure the stability and efficiency of the spring machine. Run

In addition to the above factors, the performance and quality of the universal spring machine itself also have an important impact on processing stability.

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