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What aspects of automatic universal spring machine adjustment need attention?

           Automatic universal spring machine adjustment needs to pay attention to the following aspects, otherwise it may cause problems with the machine. The first is the adjustment of the external warp of the spring, which is mainly used to adjust the mechanism of the external warp. You only need to adjust the ejector rod in or out. This adjustment is relatively simple.

          The second is the adjustment of the feeding length and the total number of turns. Generally, the feeding length can be controlled by the number of gears and the number of gears. This depends on the spring expansion length.
 automatic universal spring machine
          The adjustment of free height, pitch, and number of turns, and the adjustment of spring length, actually include two kinds of inner push and outer pitch. The inner push needs to adjust the inner push straight rod to drive the ejector pin to push the spring away. The outer pitch is generally driven by the cam to drive the pitch knife and ejector spring so that the spring can be opened.

           The adjustment of the tightness between the support rings requires that the coils at both ends should be tight when the compression spring is rolled, and there is a specific requirement for the close length. The adjustment of the cutting mechanism is followed. For the cutting mechanism, a cutter is usually used to work with the core by a vertical cutting method. Therefore, the size of the mandrel can be increased, and the spring coil can be supported at the same time.

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