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What are the requirements of cnc universal spring machine for processing materials?

       The production of different springs, the required materials will be different, in the process of spring processing with cnc universal spring machine, the selection of materials can start from the following aspects.

       Firstly, the raw materials for spring processing need to meet the working environment, in addition to the requirements, because different materials are different in hardness and toughness. For some springs that need special processing, more attention should be paid to material selection. It is.
cnc universal spring machine
       In addition, the price of the material is also a point to consider. The customer will say that the material is cheap, but the price is cheap, which means that the quality may not be sufficient for processing. This still needs due consideration.

       Finally, the secondary application and scrapping of materials should also be taken into consideration. The purchase of materials must not be determined only according to the standard quantity. It is definitely necessary to prepare a portion for emergency use in special situations. The scrapping and processing of selected materials should be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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