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What are the requirements for digital controlled spring machine for materials?

     Generally speaking, different spring requirements have different material requirements. Generally, the following points should be taken in the spring material selection process.

     The raw materials for spring processing generally need to meet the requirements of the working environment first, and also meet the customer's requirements for quality. The raw materials of digital controlled spring machine spring processing not only have requirements for the working environment, but also for the process. Different materials have different hardness and toughness. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of digital controlled spring machine springs for special process requirements. It is also necessary to have the processing ability of a heterosexual spring.
digital controlled spring machine
    The price of materials is also an important issue to consider. Customers will say that the materials are important and good, but the prices are low. This should be considered moderately. Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose materials with high cost performance, which can meet the process requirements of the spring machine, and at the same time meet the requirements of the working environment. At the same time, they are satisfied with the quality and the price is the king. This is very high for the purchase of spring raw materials. required. The secondary application and scrap disposal of materials also need to be taken into consideration. The purchase of materials certainly does not only need to be based on the standard quantity. The choice of scrapping, processing and finished products, which have no public damage, must also be considered.

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