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The importance of digital controlled spring machine in manufacturing

Digital controlled spring machine is now an important machine in the spring industry. It has rapidly risen in industrial equipment. The importance of spring machinery to the manufacturing industry is becoming higher and higher.
digital controlled spring machine
With the rapid development of the automobile, tractor, gas turbine, motorcycle, moped, and electrical equipment manufacturing industries, the number of springs has gradually increased, and the total number has continued to increase. Although the sales market requires a very large amount, the economic structure of the spring industry is very worrying! In terms of downsizing, there has been an oversupply of low-end general springs, which have been machined. It has the advantages of fast and stable production capacity, and is very suitable for the production of special-shaped springs. It has occupied more and more market shares.

Now the technology accumulation of digital controlled spring machine has become mature. Each equipment manufacturer has set up its own professional R & D department and even jointly produced spring machines with some professional wire research institutes in the field of wire forming. The future development of the industry must be rapid.

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