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The difference between wire forming machine and Spring machine

The wire forming machine is a subdivided equipment belonging to the Spring machine industry. Both devices are very commonly used processing equipment in the production field. Some wire processing products Spring machine can also do. What is the difference between the wire forming machine and the Spring machine? ?

The difference between wire forming machine and Spring machine:

1. The wire forming machine generally can bend wire such as steel wire, iron wire and stainless steel wire into a flat or three-dimensional shape. Since the range of wire diameters produced is generally very wide, it can be bent into 3-14mm wire Molded products. The Spring machine is mainly used in the processing and production of various springs. Less equipment is a product with a large wire diameter of more than 8mm, which can achieve more complex processing.
Spring machine
2. Spring machine can generally be used for wire forming, but wire forming machine can not be used for spring. Many wire forming products are mainly straightening, cornering, cutting, and speed and stability are needed, and a dedicated wire forming machine It can better meet the requirements of speed and stability than the spring function, and can better meet the production requirements of batch line molding.


3. In general, the wire forming machine only focuses on the field of wire forming, which can reduce the error parameter to ±0.1mm, and is used in various high-precision accessories. The advantages compared with spring manufacturing are not so obvious.

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