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Introduction to the operation specification of CNC spring machine

During the use of the CNC universal spring machine, we must master the operating specifications and precautions of the machine, which can enhance the application characteristics of the machine, effectively reduce the failure rate of the machine and extend the life of the machine.

Operation specification of CNC universal spring machine. During the operation, the operating specifications we should master mainly include: ① Equip the corresponding grinding sleeve according to the height requirements of the CNC spring machine. The height of the grinding sleeve should be slightly lower than the height of the spring machine, about 3.0mm, and then Adjust the height of the grinding wheel by handwheel operation, lock and fix the position; ②Adjust the height of the wire plate at the outlet of the spring machine to be slightly lower than the plane height of the lower grinding wheel; ③Adjust the rotation speed of the turntable according to the thickness of the spring wire, The speed of the large wire diameter is slower, and vice versa; ④When starting the spring machine for the first time, be sure to open the cover of the oil filling hole on the turntable speed control servo motor to prevent oil leakage due to air expansion. If you want to know the development trend of my country's eight-jaw spring machine, please click [Article] Spring Machine Manufacturer: Development Trend of CNC Universal Spring Machine.

Precautions for CNC universal spring machine. In the application process, we must understand the main precautions: ①Do not exceed the load capacity of the spring machine for production, such as long-term operation, processing beyond the wire diameter range, etc.; ②Pay attention to whether the machine runs smoothly without noise or abnormal vibration. Carry out regular inspection and maintenance; ③Measurement tools, instruments and fixtures, etc. shall not be placed on the machine to avoid accidents when the machine is running; ④Ensure that the lubrication system of each part of the machine is smooth and unobstructed to ensure the performance of all aspects of the machine and its extended use Time; ⑤The special control point of the machine. Before starting the machine, fix the position of the tool and the positioning screw not to loosen, and ensure that the outer diameter of the spring is within the required. Among them, the special control point of the machine is the feeding of the Y value controlled by the computer program Measure to ensure that the length of the spring is within the required range. If you want to know the working mechanism of CNC universal spring machine, please click [Article] Universal Spring Machine Manufacturer: Working Mechanism of CNC Universal Spring Machine.

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