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Introduction to popular science about coil spring machine

Coil spring machine, commonly known as spring machine, generally refers to the mechanical equipment that produces springs. According to the functional characteristics, it is divided into: compression spring machine, tension spring machine, universal machine, disc machine and special spring machine such as: snake spring machine, torsion spring machine. According to the driving mode, it is divided into: semi-automatic, automatic and numerically controlled.

Springs are commonly used components in the industry. Springs are used in various products ranging from aircraft and warships to mobile phones and cameras. Therefore, the production of springs has a history of hundreds of years. The original spring is only a cylindrical tension and compression spring, which is wound by hand, and the technology is relatively immature and the production efficiency is relatively low. It is very difficult to produce large springs on heavy equipment such as trains or tanks.

The technical accumulation of coil spring machine has gradually matured, and each equipment manufacturer has set up its own professional R&D department and even cooperated with some professional university research institutes in the field of wire forming to develop the latest equipment.

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