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Introduction of some knowledge about spring machine

As an important component of the industrial system, springs are applied to almost all areas of the national economy. And there are many kinds, so the production of springs is also primitive hand-made, gradually moving towards automation. Ninety years ago in our country, the spring industry had very few mechanical equipment specializing in the production of springs. As the spring market grew, professional spring equipment companies gradually developed and expanded.

With the continuous improvement of China's R&D and manufacturing capabilities, China has gradually moved from importing computer spring machines to exporting, and the spring machine business has developed rapidly. Spring machinery is generally composed of a host, a control system, a motor power unit, auxiliary devices, and auxiliary equipment. The key is the control system, which has developed from the mechanical type controlled by electrical appliances to the CNC computerized spring machinery with electromechanical and optical integration.

The control system is mainly composed of bus, CPU, power supply, memory, operation panel and display screen, position control unit, programmable controller logic control unit and data input/output interface. The main machine is also changed from the previous thick, black and heavy castings to alloy steel machine panels, which improves the mechanical strength and rigidity. The fully automatic closed gear transmission and lubrication make the spring mechanical precision and efficiency higher.

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