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In-depth analysis of the automated production process of CNC Coiling Spring Machine

CNC Coiling Spring Machine is an important equipment in modern manufacturing industry. It can perform high-precision and high-efficiency spring coiling processing, especially in the automotive, electronics, home appliances and other industries. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the automated production process of CNC Coiling Spring Machine.

Automated production process

1. Design and Programming

First, the operator designs the desired spring shape on a computer and enters this information into the machine's CNC system. This information includes the diameter, length, number of turns, bending angle and other parameters of the spring.

2. Processing

Once the design and programming is complete, the CNC Coiling Spring Machine is ready to begin machining. The machine automatically feeds the wire into the coiling device, and then coils, bends and cuts it according to preset parameters to create the required spring.

3. Testing and quality control

After processing, the springs need to be inspected and quality controlled. Some advanced CNC Coiling Spring Machines are even equipped with automatic detection systems that can automatically detect the size and shape of the spring to ensure that it meets quality standards.


1. Improve production efficiency

Since the CNC Coiling Spring Machine can automatically perform spring coiling processing, it can greatly improve production efficiency. Manufacturers do not need manual operations, thus saving a lot of time and labor.

2. Improve processing accuracy

CNC Coiling Spring Machine adopts CNC technology, which can precisely control the size and shape of the spring, thereby improving the processing accuracy. This is very important for industries that require high-precision springs, such as automobiles, electronics, home appliances, etc.

3. High flexibility

CNC Coiling Spring Machine can quickly change processing parameters according to design requirements, thereby achieving flexible production. This makes it ideal for low-volume, diverse production.

The automated production process of CNC Coiling Spring Machine makes it play an important role in modern manufacturing. Its high efficiency, precision and flexibility make it ideal for many industries.

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