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How to maintain the compression spring machine?

1. Routine maintenance. Cleaning, tightening, adjustment and lubrication are the basic points. Before, during and after each operation, routine maintenance of the spring machine should be carried out according to the actual situation.
Second, regular maintenance. According to the maintenance guidelines of different mechanical equipment, after a certain working time and specified range, corresponding regular maintenance is required, mainly including the following:

First-level maintenance: put it on lubricating, firm and check that every part has been cleaned and three filter work. It is generally directed by the mechanical team leader and completed by the mechanical operator. Secondary maintenance: It is necessary to check the operation of the engine, clutch, etc. and make necessary adjustments to clear the faults. Make sure that the spring machinery has good running performance. Three-level maintenance: mainly to detect, adjust, and eliminate the point of failure. Check, adjust, and troubleshoot areas that are prone to problems.

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