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Five basic structures and functions of efficient spring machine

Straightening mechanism: The position of the straightening mechanism is between the material rack and the feeding roller. It consists of two sets of straightening rollers. The purpose of the straightening system is to eliminate the original bending deformation of the steel wire. The spring wire can be straightened after straightening. Into the forming machine, this is conducive to the spring machine to improve the precision of the coil spring.
Feeding mechanism: This is a device for the spring wire to be transported by the spring machine. It relies on one or two pairs of feeding wheels to compress the steel wire. It is completed by using a sector-shaped incomplete gear to drive the gear on the feeding wheel shaft. The rotation of the feeding wheel drives the wire straight. Moving forward, the feeding length is the circumference of the feeding wheel, and the unfolding length of the spring can be determined by the number of rotations of the feeding wheel.
Diameter reducing mechanism: It is the control mechanism of the spring outer diameter when winding the spring. The device is composed of two ejector rods and a reducing cam that drives the ejector rod. When the spring machine produces variable diameter springs, such as convex and truncated cone springs , Loosen the front and rear two bolts of the upper ejector bar to allow the ejector rod to expand and contract back and forth in the tool holder to change the outer warp of the spring. The ejector rod is driven by the diameter-reducing cam to achieve the purpose of producing various diameter-reducing springs.
Pitch changing mechanism: It is a mechanism that controls the pitch of the spring. Generally, there are two mechanisms for a spring machine. One is composed of a pitch knife and a variable cam. The variable cam is to control the effective number of turns of the spring, and the bolt under the pitch cutter adjusts the height of the spring; the second is to drive the connecting rod by the cam to push the pitch cutter out of the machine to better estimate the large pitch spring.
Cutting mechanism: After winding and forming, cutting the steel wire is the last processing action for the spring to fall. The spring is cut by the knife and the core. This is the final processing structure of the spring processing.
The above are the five main structures of the spring machine to realize spring machining, which involve all the stages of straightening, wire feeding, diameter reduction, pitch, and cutting of the spring processing process. The technology and quality of the main structure will also affect the spring machine. Its processing efficiency, performance and quality have a greater impact.efficient spring machine

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