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Correct maintenance method of spring making machine

The spring making machine is a very common machine, but many people know very little about the spring making machine. They don’t know how to maintain the spring making machine correctly.

1. Maintenance of the operating mechanism: After the equipment is used up, turn off the power of the machine, wipe the dirt on the surface of the mechanism and the motor with cotton fabric and apply anti-rust oil. In order to avoid dust and debris from falling in, do not use an air spray gun to blow it, but keep it Clearance of chute or rotating structure. The moving parts of the sliding block of the spring making machine must be lubricated with lubricating oil, and high-viscosity grease is not allowed, so as not to affect the linear movement of the sliding block. In order to prevent dust and debris from falling in, do not use an air spray gun to blow, and keep the gap between the chute or rotating structure. In addition, the grease nipple should be added 1-2 times a month to increase the bearing grease operation.

2. Lubrication and maintenance of gear transmission: If the new machine has been running for more than 1,000 hours or about half a year, please be sure to replace it with a new circulating oil. In daily life, we must regularly check whether there is enough special gear grease between the gears in the wire feed box to ensure that the gears have sufficient lubrication protection during transmission, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of tooth grinding or tooth burning.

3. Maintenance of the wire feeding system: The surfaces of the servo motor and encoder of the feeding mechanism should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust from falling into the machine and causing damage to the mechanical parts. Always check and clean the iron filings on the wire feeding box to prevent iron filings from falling into the gear transmission during the operation of the machine body, which may cause tooth grinding or tooth burning, which can effectively maintain the wire feeding accuracy of the equipment.

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