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Composition of spring machine

Guangdong Yonglian CNC Equipment Technology Co., a manufacturer with universal spring machine.We provide spring machine.You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website.
Acceptance requirements:
(1) Preparation work before dry running test of spring machine:
1. The dry running test of the spring machine must be carried out after the foundation is completely dry.
2. Check whether there is any foreign matter in each part of the spring machine, and whether the connecting parts and fasteners are loose.
3. Check whether the lubrication pipelines and hydraulic pipelines of the spring machine are connected correctly, whether the lubrication and hydraulic oil used are appropriate, whether the oil level is proper, and whether the lubrication parts are in place.
4. The ancillary equipment of the spring machine needs to be individually inspected and tested before dry running to verify whether its performance meets the specified requirements.
(2) No-load test run of the spring machine:
1. First start the rotation of the spring machine and check whether the components are normal. Whether the voltage is stable, after checking the rotation of the Z-axis, check whether the Z-axis is rotating smoothly and without twisting. Before leaving the factory, no-load operation must be idling for 4-8 hours.
2. Check whether the spring machine has a grounding wire to prevent leakage points from occurring, so as to avoid unnecessary occurrence.
3. Set the controller to manual operation, and use Y-axis repeatedly to see if the Y-axis runs smoothly and easily.
4. Check the following items during the dry running test of the spring machine:
a: The lubrication points of transmission gears and bearings are sufficiently lubricated, and the sealing parts are well sealed.
b: There must be no large vibration and periodic noise during operation.
(3) Test run of spring machine under load:
1. After the spring machine has passed the no-load test run, the load test run can be carried out. During the load trial operation, the equipment needs to use samples to test the materials for up to 2 hours, and check the smoothness of the samples.
2. When the spring machine is tested under load, check whether the basic technical parameters meet the requirements of the spring machine.
3. The Y-axis and Z-axis of the spring machine should be stable, and it is not easy to have problems that affect the accuracy such as twisting. The accuracy of the Z-axis can be measured with a meter.
4. The spring machine circuit, oil circuit, control system, etc. should be flexible, safe and reliable.

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