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Advantages of automatic spring machine

Number of drive shafts:
The number of shafts is the driving performance of the spring machine technology. The more the number of drive shafts of the equipment, the more automation can be achieved. The operation becomes more and more flexible, and it is easier to modify the size of the spring. This is also the current multi-axis axis Europe and Japan. The number of axles of the brand's spring machine is 5-12. In the past, domestic spring machines were mostly 2-5 axles, but now they are gradually shifting to 6 axles, 10 axles, and so on. Shaft equipment development!

Fast production speed:
Efficiency has always been an important direction for the development of spring machine equipment in the innovation process. Therefore, foreign manufacturers always look for production speed and operating efficiency when designing and manufacturing spring machine equipment. For example, the fastest speed of the German WAFIS series compression spring machine equipment It can reach 1000pcs/min, while the existing spring machine equipment has not yet been able to achieve the same narrowness, but with the average annual domestic technological progress, the spring machine production speed has gradually reduced the deviation from foreign countries!automatic spring  machine

Intelligent system:
The advanced software system can realize more intelligent and easy-to-operate control of the spring machine equipment, and by using the computer programming control system, it can automatically optimize the advanced state of the equipment, which effectively improves the production speed and product accuracy.

Fine-tune digitization:
The adjustment of the spring device usually takes 5 hours. Like the domestic 2-axis spring device, the adjustment must be realized by adjusting the outer shaft screw when the machine is stopped, and it requires multiple adjustments to be in place. It takes at least a few seconds. Foreign equipment uses a computer system to digitize the fine-tuning, which can be adjusted without shutting down, and the entire process can be adjusted for 5 times with insufficient time.
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