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About the practical application of compression spring machine

1. The overall consciousness of the spring:

The ideal working state of the rear spring is a straight-up and straight-down motion state. However, due to the posture and installation angle of the spring, the actual working state of the spring is a bent slap state, which will directly affect some characteristics of the vehicle.

It needs to be explained here that the reason for the spring is that the internal compression is different, which leads to different forces on the two sides and bending.

The following picture shows different ideas:
This arrangement is more common in MacPherson suspensions, torsion beams, multi-links, etc.
Features: The orientation of the spring is always the same, plus the arrangement angle, no matter whether the wheel center bounces back and forth, the spring can always provide inward lateral force, which is helpful for the stability of the car body; at the same time, the direction of the spring wire shearing force remains unchanged. Only the change of the force value is beneficial to the fatigue stability of the spring pad of the spring machine. Because the spring state is closest to the straight spring when jumping, the distance between the spring coil and the coil is close to the inner and outer sides, and no additional safety is required.
This type of design is more common in multi-links.

Features: Because the multi-link structure does not have the problem of insufficient lateral force, the spring is in the straight spring state in the design state to ensure that the spring is not twisted during most of the driving process and is in the linear region. But because in some When the working conditions are severe, the spring will bend left and right during the movement. The spring wire is cut in different directions, which has a negative impact on the durability of the spring and the spring pad. Unlike the previous one, the inner ring of the spring is at In the bent state, the circle and the circle need to be more spaced. Of course, all performance needs to be based on the kc test results. The above is only the discussion of the component level.

2. Arrangement of spring structure:

The spring structure layout is divided into the effective number of turns and the number of invalid turns. The arrangement of the effective number of turns needs to be combined with the spring plan, mainly to determine the distance between the turns and the turns. As mentioned before, ensure that there are still more than 3mm under the maximum compression state. Compress the gap. Then combined with the arrangement angle, the approximate bending range can be obtained, and the approximate motion envelope has been obtained, which is convenient for the surrounding parts to avoid.

The arrangement of the number of invalid turns is not simply a 180-degree flat circle. There are many options, and it needs to be filtered according to the spring tray.

This is the boss of the spring arm (body) can be regarded as a limit ring, which is used to limit the movement of the spring on the radial plane. We need to ensure that the superposition of the number of invalid turns at both ends of the spring is greater than one turn, and the limit at one end (invalid The number of turns plus the effective number of turns for part of the small lift) and the boss overlap more than 0.75 turns.

It needs to be added here that if the design of the spring pad is unreasonable, the spring stiffness will also change. For example, if the spring pad lift is too large, it will withstand the movement of the effective number of springs, which will reduce the effective number of turns in a disguised form, resulting in an increase in stiffness. .
The above numbers are not absolute. Actually, the spring does not move and the spring pad does not cut.
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