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About the method of eliminating fan noise of cnc forming spring machine

The rotating sound of cnc forming spring machine fan is too loud to produce noise, which makes people feel uncomfortable. This makes it necessary to reduce the sound of fan rotation. Generally, the following three methods are generally required to eliminate noise:

   1. It is necessary to observe whether the fan blades are covered with dust or whether there is dust on the inner wall of the fan outer frame close to the fan blades. If there is dust, you need to remove it.
cnc forming spring machine
   2. Each fan has a round label, and the label needs to be torn apart. You can see a small round plastic cover, open the plastic cover to see, add oil to the fan shaft, and restore it again

   3. The most common method for reducing the rotating sound of cnc forming spring machine fan is generally tempering treatment and observation method, which is convenient and effective.

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